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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen: a little update

Deliciousmall For those of you who've been waiting for the next installment, my apology. The trip home from Aspen was quite harrowing, with the same dance -will I make it or won't I?- out of Aspen airport, only to find myself loitering for hours on end at the Denver airport waiting for a delayed flight. I finally got home and promptly sick, only to recover late yesterday in time to spend just a couple of hours in the sun at the market.

Now that I'm back -online and somewhat recovered- I'll be blogging more fun stuff from Aspen for the next couple of days. Got to milk it until it's dry, no?

Meanwhile, Chez Pim has again been mentioned in interesting places, in a feature on Food Blogs in Delicious Magazine, for example, which included my friends Clotilde and Heidi of Chocolate and Zucchini and 101 Cookbooks, and also Kate of the Accidental Hedonist. Also some very kind words were found on the Guardian in London, which also mentioned the new All Food All the Time Megnut.

Check back a little later today for more blogs from Aspen. See what magic José Andrés conjured with plain old Watermelon, the epic multi-vintange tasting of Quinto do Noval's venerated port, lots of other fun stuff, and -of course- the Cook-off. Yes, that cook-off that pitted Top Chef Harold against the beloved Jacques Pépin and Ming Tsai mano a mano with José Andrés. See who won, who lost, who got the biggest laugh, and who had his knickers all tied in a knot, all coming up just a wee bit.

(Graphic from Delicious Magazine, by Alex Green.)


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