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Friday, June 16, 2006

Live from Aspen: 24th Annual Food & Wine Magazine's Classics in Aspen

Lifefromaspen_1Actually, barely alive in Aspen is more like it. It's almost 9am here on a ridiculously beautiful morning in Aspen. I'm barely hanging on, sustained by about three cups of really bad coffee and an oily donut.

I came here yesterday, straight from Paris. Well, here again, straight is perhaps not an apt choice of word. It was Paris -> Dallas -> Denver -> and then perhaps -or perhaps not- Aspen ->and finally Aspen. What's with the uncertainty, you asked? Well, the plane to Aspen is this tiny little thing, you see. And Aspen is this tiny town in a valley surrounded by high mountians, you know. So the plane goes up from Denver airport, flies over the mountains and then dives, nose-first, down to the airport. It's a tricky meneuver that they don't really want to attempt when the weather condition is less than ideal.

Well, needless to say yesterday was less than ideal. Wind sheer condition was so dangerous that the Denver airport halted traffice in-out of the runway for a time. The tail wind for our little flight was expected to be so bad that United was contemplating lighting the load -that'd be kicking out some passengers- so my chance to get on as a standby didn't look so good.

Finally I was let on, I guess they saw I didn't take up much room. But we waited on the tarmac for a long time before it was safe enough to take off -a tad scary for a whimp like me, I kept thinking to myself I really didn't need to be in Aspen that badly!! Not helping the matter was the pilot telling us he's not entirely sure we would make it all the way to Aspen, and that if the wind situation didn't die down we'd be heading back to Denver!!!! By then I was sure I really didn't need to be in Aspen that badly....but it was all to late. That flight, all 27 minutes of it, was the longest one of my life!

That wasn't the only adventure that has graced my life lately. You might remember my computer throwing a fit a few weeks back. Well, I thought I had it fixed, but it turned out not to be the case. My poor powerbook was hacking just like we did throughout our time in Paris and San Sebastian, and finally died a rather painful death.... It would have been funny to have shown up in Aspen as a blogger guest of Food & Wine magazine without a computer to blog with. Ok perhaps the F&W people wouldn't have found it so amusing. In any case, we didn't have to find out since David came to the rescue. So now I am typing on his computer, and he's without one for a few days until I return. If you send him an email and he doesn't answer, just know it's not his fault!

Anyway, I'm here now. The entire town of Aspen has been taken over by aliens, I mean foodies. I'm going to be blogging throughout the event, and hopefully for a few more days afterwards with stuff from here. It's going to be fun, stay tuned!!

P.S. Sorry I've been so slow to answer the comments. The illness and subsequent death of my computer made a pretty good excuse though, no? I'll get to them asap. Promise.


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