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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Paris Paris


Arrived two days ago, and already made a visit to a secret garden. The bountiful garden isn't exactly in Paris, but not too far from it. Whose garden is it? Do you know? I'll give you a clue. These glorious vegetables are destined for une des meilleures tables -ou bien la meilleure table- à Paris.

Other random wanderings left us.....

...at Le Pain Quotidian for a lovely breakfast.


To a little aperitif before dinner at one of the cutest bistro rooms in Paris, hidden somewhere behind the Pantheon. Anybody knows this one?


The first dinner was at L'Ourcine, an old favorite. The meal, frankly, wasn't the best one I've had there. The pork and veal(!) were both badly overdone. I guess I'll chalk it up to a bad night. The room was still cute, the service really sweet, and the chef was still seen at the pass, so I suppose I shouldn't give up on them quite yet. And, as always, mediocre meals were easily saved by lovely company.


Dinner last night was at Drouant, the newest outpost for Antoine Westermann of le Buerehiesel. I'm going to have to think about it a little more before posting on that one. We're at breakfast now, and off to my favorite L'Astrance for lunch in a few hours, and then to hop on a flight to San Sebastian. Turbot is in the cards tonight!



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