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Monday, June 19, 2006

Food & Wine Magazine Classic: Publisher's Party


If there were a Friends episode it would have been called "The One Where Pim Finds Out She Sucks at Party Photography."

What can I say, I really am horrible. It dawned on me this Saturday morning while uploading the paltry photos I took from the fun party last the night before. I spent hours at the party, brushing shoulders with all manners of stars in the food world, and what did I have to show you? Like ten photos. Yeah. Sad, isn’t it? Sorry.

Well, I was having a little too much fun at the party, so frankly I couldn’t be bothered to do it. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s the cool kids syndrome I’ve got. You see, I didn’t think going to a party with a camera is very cool. Even less so is asking celebs to take photos of them. And it was, after all, the first night and the first party, so I was still getting my bearing. Or so I hoped.

From the few photos I have, it looked as though I was stalking Tom Colicchio. I didn’t. Really. It’s just that since Daniel Boulud was missing in action –prepping for his seminar in the morning as he told me the next day- Tom took up the position as the man-about-party, and really seemed to have been everywhere chatting, talking, hugging, salut-ing with everyone and anyone.

The food network contingent hung out in packs, it appeared. Bobby Flay, playing célibataire this weekend, the beautiful Giada and her husband, and a new face –so new someone had to tell me who he was- Dave Leiberman.

The Food & Wine staff was mostly there, and everyone went out of their way to make me feel well looked after. I was tickled for being introduced so many times as ‘This is Chez Pim’ as though it was my first name. Even more tickled –if not downright discomfited- was when Dana Cowin, the stylish editor herself, pulled a “OMG you are Chez Pim” when she saw me. How does one respond to that, with a bashful ‘hi’ and and little wave?

Also at the party were most of the Best New Chefs. I met Jason Wilson (of Crush in Seattle) because he and his wife came up to ask me who made my dress. Hey how can you not like a guy who can cook and loves fashion! His lovely wife, just for the record, was in a beautiful dress herself, a DVF wrap dress I think. I also talked for a bit with Douglas Keane and his wife. We’ve been trying to go to his restaurant Cyrus –friends rave about it- for a long time, but still haven’t quite managed it. Soon I hope.

Top Chef fans would be happy to see a good representation from that show, from the super cute Gale Simmons, and of course Tom, and Harold the Top Chef himself. Harold and I had a little chat and I took a photo of him for you guys, with –of course- Tom Colicchio and one of the Best New Chefs David Chang of Momofuku.

The great looking food was supplied by Jeffrey Zaccharian of Country restaurant, but I was frankly far too jetlagged to eat much of anything. The few bites I had were quite fun though. I guess I should check out the restaurant next time I'm in Manhattan.

The night ended on the early side for me, jetlag was taking over my espresso-fueled self, and I had to head off to bed. Tomorrow was another day.


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