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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Little Wine Bar That Could: Bin 8945

BinThe best wine list in the US might be found at a new West Hollywood eatery Bin 8945. You don't believe me? Here's the wine list. Check it out for yourself.

Once you give it a good look through and notice all the gems, and all the old vintages, now look at the in-sane-ly low price tags. Right. Is that your jaw on the ground, by the way? You might want to pick it up. And remember this is an unassuming wine bar in West Hollywood. So, ok, it may not be the best wine list, but certainly the best value wine list around.

No, I'm not going to tell you where the gems are, and how absurdly priced they are on the list. I'm keeping that info just for my-selfish-self thanks much. It's every wo/man for her/himself on this one.

I haven't been there yet, so I can't say anything about the food, except that they bill it as French with a Caribbean twist -the classically trained chef cooks French food with a twist from his own Caribbean heritage, apparently. The menu looks interesting enough, and the wine list is certainly worth driving five hours down to LA to check out.

No, I'm not heading there tomorrow, but soon for sure. I'm off to Napa tomorrow for a wedding (not mine) then catch a flight to Paris and San Sebastian the next day. I'll be back home in a couple of weeks, by way of Aspen. Stay tuned, I promise I really will be blogging as I go along this time.

By the way, what I'll be doing in Paris and San Sebastian is easy enough to figure out. Eat. And eat. And them eat some more. But would anyone venture to guess what I'll be doing in Aspen?


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