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Monday, July 31, 2006

Listen in, Chez Pim on Living on Earth again

Loelogo_1Despite my best efforts at taking the usually pristine quality of their content down a notch the last time I did a commentary on the show, Living on Earth is airing yet another piece from me this week.

You can listen to me lamenting the crappy-tasting-ness of processed junk food masquerating as something good for you in 'health' food supermarkets. You know what I am talking about, the 5-bucks-a-box cereals that taste like extruded cardboard. Yes. Those.

Keep your ears out for my voice on Living on Earth, airing on NPR stations near you. Or you can go to LoE's website for this week's show to download a podcast of the entire thing, or just the piece from me. The transcript is also available.

(This commentary is a rework of an editorial I wrote for the Spring issue of Edible San Francisco.)


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