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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Calling all food photo enthusiasts!

In case you haven't heard, Food & Wine magazine is running a food photo contest. You have between now and September 15 to enter your photo. One per entry person, and the person has to be a legal US resident –sorry readers from elsewhere.

The contest rules are written in Legalese (heh), but from what I gathered it's pretty much anything that is 'food related'. So I supposed my picture of Dali the resident Pot Belly at the Manresa biodynamic garden qualifies, if only in the Michael Pollan-esque sense of the term.

The prize is actually pretty cool, and is perfect for someone who wants to take photography, food or otherwise, more seriously: a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT camera kit for the Grand Prize winners and a sprinkling of books and things for the four 'First Prize' winners.

Good luck everyone. And don't forget to give me a cut if you won! ;-)


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