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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What weird is weird?

pig ears

What is weird food anyway? I don't really know. Perhaps we should ask Eddie.

Reading the comments and emails I got from the horse fat fries posts, I realized that my weird meter is probably calibrated quite differently from other people's. Using horse fat as a frying medium sounds basically normal to me. I'd never, knowingly, had horse meat or other horse products, but that was more because I never had easy access to it than because I was weirded out by it.

I grew up in Thailand, and we ate all kinds of stuff that people here or in Europe might find weird. The stewed pig's ear in the photo above is one example. Deliciously gelatinous and crunchy at once, they are eaten dipped in a sauce made with lime, fish sauce, garlic, and chilli. We also eat these little crabs, deep fried and dipped in a sweet and sour sauce, a macabre sort of chicken nuggets I guess.

little crabbies

Meg over at Megnut wrote yesterday about these scary Italian Pulpo. Frankly, I'd take that stuff over the euphemistically named Jello Salad I once had in the Midwest any day -you know, that quivering green jelly with bits of suspicious looking vegetable and fruits entombed inside.

So, what's weird food for you?


P.S. What's surely not weird is this nice idea the Cod just forwarded me. Katrina Dinner 2006, which -just like anything in New Orleans- promises to be "fun and delicious with only a smidgen of hokiness." Check them out.


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