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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The final, final stretch, and $46K!!


Yes, this is the final, final stretch for our Menu for Hope this year. Now we are so close to at $46K, and we still have a little less than a day left for yet more of you to get involved.

So again, if you've been thinking about it, now would be the time to jump in.

Check out the master list of prizes, you might find something that you've overlooked the first time around. Our lovely West Coast hostess Sam put up some odds for the West Coast prizes for those of you who are into that sort of thing, and so did our Wine host Alder who put up another post today pointing out the wine prizes that are good chances too. Also, some bloggers have gone and sweetened their proverbial pot by adding yet more goodies to their prize package. Like the extra dinner at Bed Supper Club in Bangkok (AP44), or Meric in Cambodia (AP17), and what about a huge poster of Anthony Bourdain (AP34) –signed especially for Menu for Hope III- thrown into the set of his books?

There are also some great prizes that have so far not gotten that much attention. Paging Gale Gand fans, did you see that she's giving a signed chef's jacket(EU34) ?

What about some stuff that you might not otherwise see or try, like a box of Swedish sweets (EU20) or teas (EU17)? How about specialty cookies from India (UW30)? A hamper of goodies from Sonoma (UW20) is still up for grab as well. Or some cookies and coffees from Hawaii (UW14) anyone? How about a whole wheel (5-6 pounds) of Pozo Tomme, a raw sheep milk cheese from Rinconda Dairy in the California Central Coast (UW49)?

Have you got someone on your shopping list who's a fan of Nyonya cuisine? That's one of the world's best and least appreciated cuisines, if you asked me. We've got plenty of rare and authentic Nyonya-style cook books that are practically up for grabs here (AP32), here, and here (UW46). Jasmine, our Canadian host, whispered from up there that she's got a couple really nice books that haven't got too many bids either. Check them out.

There are a few newly added prizes hat still haven't got that many tickets out. So if you want a dinner at Centrico in Manhattan (UE36), or BIN 8945 in West Hollywood (UW50), or for the wine lovers, the mixed case of great Austrian wines from Wine Monger (WB31), you've still got a pretty good chance of winning them.

Of course, you can still throw you hat in the ring for the dinner at Manresa, the stage at Alinea, the coffee with Thomas Keller, the tea with Harold McGee, the dinner with Eric Asimov, or any of the great prizes on our list really. You've got until 6PM-PST (that would be GMT -8 Hrs) to do it.

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