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Monday, January 15, 2007

Announcing Menu for Hope Raffle Winners


What's up with these cups? Don't they hurt your eyes just looking at them? Try dealing with over a hundred of these, and countless little bits of paper with names written on them that had to be sorted into the proper cups. Fun, no?

No, no, these cups are not what I meant by a wicked application that will automatically do the drawing for us. No, these cups from last year's raffle are the reason we now have said piece of code, so that the kind raffle elves and I need not bother with any more of these cups. Not a one. This year, our friend Derrick of An Obsession with Food wrote a little piece of code that cleverly did away with them for us. He even published the code so those of you who are interested in that sort of thing can go check it out.

It's a great thing Derrick wrote this program for us, truly, since the tremendous support that poured into our campaign this year sold 6,000 raffle tickets. Bravo and brava to everyone involved! Together we raised $60,925.12 to support the UN World Food Programme. My head hurts just thinking about tearing out six thousand little chits of paper and writing a name on each one. It'd be time for next year's campaign by the time I'm done...

So, now, without further ado. Here are the winners........

drum roll please......

AP01 Dinner for four with wines at Iggy's edwf
AP02 Dinner for two with wine at Tetsuya's cookingismypassion
AP03 Dinner for two at Felix Spike
AP04 Japanese knives keaton
AP05 Cookbooks from Editions Didier Millet Sui Mai
AP06 Weekend at the New Majestic Hotel Dave Boggs
AP07 Gift voucher from Truffle Food & Wine Brian and Bix
AP08 Dining voucher at Baguette The Old Foodie
AP09 Dinner for two at Becasse chubbyhubby
AP10 Dinner for two at Ocean Room Annie
AP11 Two Cookbooks Anne Taylor
AP12 Handmade Cherry Vodka Tomato
AP13 Personalized food history Paul - cookiesetc
AP14 Taste Favourites by Taste Magazine where's the beef?
AP15 Book: A Cook's Tour of New Zealand barbara
AP16 Wagashi making-kit keaton
AP17 Dinner at Meric and Khmer peppers TOAST
AP18 Dinner for two at Interlude Morsels & Musings
AP19 Dinner at Romdeng with Karen Coates Yvonne
AP20 Cambodia Now by Karen Coates TOAST
AP21 Instant Entertaining by Donna Hay Roshena
AP22 Honey from Malfroy's Gold Kim
AP23 $50 voucher from Chilli Padi mjlivi
AP24 $50 voucher from Chilli Padi Daphne Yap
AP25 Cupcake/cake decorating kit WebMS
AP26 six mini books on Malaysian cuisine Andrea
AP27 Two Nyonya Cookboos TOAST
AP28 Two cookbooks on vegetarian cuisine RobA4
AP29 Dining coucher at El Cerdo RobA4
AP30 Japanese bento box starter kit Sara Martin
AP31 Travellers chocolates Redmen91
AP32 Malaysian cookbook ruzana
AP33 Gift voucher to Prine Wine Store Tomato
AP34 Autographed books by Anthony Bourdain deanna
AP35 Writing course jules clancy
AP36 'Boite a biscuits' Liz & Louka
AP37 Wine Atlas of Australia by James Halliday Ange
AP38 unday Lunch by Gordon Ramsay Roshena
AP39 midweek Retreat Facial Another Outspoken Female
AP40 Simple Chinese Cooking by Kylie Kwong Lourdes Lopez
AP41 Menu Degustation by Anderson Ho teexone
AP42 ceramic teapot and tea adrienne
AP43 $100 voucher by Koko Black Alex
AP44 Custom tour of Bangkok colinckw
AP45 Dining voucher to Ginger Boy Ange
AP46 Dining voucher to Perama Veggie Friendly
AP47 Creative Zen V Plus suitcasegnome
AP48 Six-course high tea for six ccw
AP49 Ricoh Capilo R3 Digital Camera ollitsacse
CA01 Tea for Hope kayenne, for Treenie B.
CA02 nibbles and sips for holiday entertaining Sara Reynolds
CA03 Banner Makeover Brandon
CA04 A Taste of Waterloo County Me
CA05 East Coast Cookery spodumene
CA06 Serious Chilean bread spocksbro
CA07 Baker’s Bounty BoLA
CA08 Bring Dorie Home with You clb
CA09 Culinary Calgary to Go Peasantwench
CA10 An Endless Banquet of Goodies ambacosi
CA11 Artisanal Goodness from Kayak Soup award
CA12 Susur: A Culinary Life mikeczyz
CA13 The Ultimate Chocolate Tasting Kit Lourdes Lopez
CA14 Home-made Morsels of Loveliness s'kat
CA15 Food That Really Schmecks Marlene
CA16 Juicy Celebrations Sara Reynolds
CA17 Nova Scotian Goodness Peasantwench
EU01 Grand 7 Wine Tasting in Paris amanda
EU02 Grand 7 Wine Tasting in Paris Hande
EU03 Grand 7 Wine Tasting in Paris Papa Joe
EU04 Grand 7 Wine Tasting in Paris abby
EU05 Grand 7 Wine Tasting in Paris colinckw
EU06 Florence Market Tour Preeta Samarasan
EU07 Eclectic Food Hamper johanna
EU08 Paris Gastronomy & Chocolate Tour Gretchen de Limur
EU09 Baking From My Home To Yours Jen the bread freak
EU10 Naughty Paris Tour from Secrets of Paris mjwong920
EU11 London Food Tour Celery
EU12 Apples for Jam Cookbook Clivia
EU13 Eat Drink Talk Cooking class foo
EU14 Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Française Mami
EU15 Italian artisanal products or cookbooks jessicafm
EU16 Wine & Dine in Munich Cascabel
EU17 Swedish Tea Kit and Cookbook Phil W.
EU18 Three Italian Food Photographs Hedonia
EU19 Paris and Italy Tour & Travel certificates foo
EU20 Swedish Candy and Chocolate RN
EU21 Language Workshops susanp
EU22 Chocolate & Zucchini Cookbook foo
EU23 Original Watercolor Food Illustration Magda
EU24 Magazine Sub. and Handmade Lunchbox Ulla
EU25 South African Cookbook and Native Foods jessicafm
EU26 Paris Gourmet Itinerary abby
EU27 Catered Canapé Party BonBon
EU28 Meal At L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon cindyptan
EU29 Professional Logo or Header Design Star
EU30 Handmade Stoneware and Israeli Food tal
EU31 Amai Tea & Bake House Sweets Clotilde Dusoulier
EU32 Paris Walking Tours and Custom Itinerary anapurna
EU33 Country Lunch on Rue Tatin sworthen
EU34 Chef Jacket from Gale Gand Steve
EU35 Gastronomic Tour of Barcelona naomit
UC01 Turkish Delights Happy
UC02 Food Play and Two Cake Books Val
UC03 Mindless Eating and Three Cookbooks InPin
UC04 Fruit Butters and a Surprise Gift Michael V
UC05 Pasta Machine and Accessories Kimmy
UC06 Photo Studio in a Box WebMS
UC07 Apple Ipod Nano WebMS
UC08 Gourmet Treats and Cookbook Sue
UC09 Ideas in Food: the photographs Emma
UC10 A Day Stage at Alinea with Dinner NS
UC11 Trio of Chocolate Preserves Melissa's Mom
UC12 Jeni's Ice Cream C & B
UC13 Be a Lamb's Honorary Owner ext212
UC14 Another Photo Studio in a Box WebMS
UE01 Art of the Palate Cookbook & Art cforcooking
UE02 Lauderee Macarons Watercolor Simon Cotter
UE03 KitchenAid Series 5-Quart Mixer passionfordecor
UE04 the Inn at Little Washington Sonya Hoo
UE05 Rogue Creamery Cheeses proccers
UE06 A date with the Wednesday Chef wendy wasserman
UE07 A Day With Sarah Pearse in Atlanta EmandSami
UE08 $50 Gift Certificates to L'Epicerie Mimi/French Kitchen in America
UE09 $50 Gift Certificates to L'Epicerie veronica
UE10 $50 Gift Certificates to L'Epicerie Aparna T
UE11 $50 Gift Certificates to L'Epicerie selizara
UE12 $50 Gift Certificates to L'Epicerie [email protected]
UE13 Dinner for Two At L'Ecole Restaurant Swan
UE14 Amateur Gourmet, New York in A Box proccers
UE15 An AG's Lunch at Your Office philip r.
UE16 Off the Shelf by Donna Hay Francine Lange
UE17 A Basket of Southern Treats Gwen
UE18 Original Pastel from Jean-Pierre Got rocknrod
UE19 Serious Eats, Pizza-Eating Tour A.J. Kinik
UE20 Dinner with wine at Mozza in L.A. ACrans
UE21 The Oxford Companion To Food simtal
UE22 Charcuterie from Michael Ruhlman Marlene
UE23 Burdick's Chocolate mice Cin
UE24 Kee's Cholocates and Donna Hay Mag danapaxton
UE25 Portable Party from Chelsea Market. Lew Sands
UE26 Foie Gras and Book ok
UE27 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies helenjane
UE28 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies Ida
UE29 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies she
UE30 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies lmg
UE31 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies Stuart Spivack
UE32 Picture and Pinwheel Cookies Gerald San Jose
UE33 Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World Melissa's Mom
UE34 Cooking in Westchester Workshop Brett Gerson
UE36 Dinner for four at Centrico KPA
UW01 Manresa Dinner PotentialGold.com
UW02 Coffee with Thomas Keller Kate Gardiner
UW03 Tea With Harold McGee Liam
UW04 Food Writer Package Jumbo Empanadas
UW05 A Taste of Australia Carolyn
UW06 Homemade macaroons Liz
UW07 Wine & Olive Oil Lara
UW08 TASTE3 Full Conference Pass la contessa
UW09 Pangea Organics Francie Salle
UW10 Photo Lesson & Signed Cookbook Lara
UW11 Coffee Lover's Package Kris
UW12 Edible Communities Subscription Celery
UW13 Mocha Me Happy Melissa's Mom
UW14 Taste of Hawaii cn
UW15 Arabesque & Gift Voucher rosie
UW16 Impromptu Wine Bar Dinner Lianne
UW17 Delfina Dinner with the Whore rachel k
UW19 Signed Alice Waters Plate Kristen
UW20 Homemade Sonoma Hamper estelle
UW21 California Wine Country painting Elise
UW22 A Taste of Humboldt County selena
UW23 10 Speed Press books Catherine of Albion Cooks
UW24 Rare Star Wars Memorabilia st
UW25 Blogher Conference Admission Carmen
UW26 Cookin' at the Costello brett emerson
UW27 Rancho Gordo Products brooklynmili
UW28 Signed Copy San Francisco Chefs prairieknitter
UW29 Mamouls - rosewater cookies boranam
UW30 Andhra sweets called Sunnundalu Aparna T
UW31 Gift basket, French food delicacies Beccy
UW32 premium artisan olive oil Daniel Moon
UW33 Cooking at home with Pedatha Prava
UW34 Armchair Food Tour of the Bay Area award
UW35 A Chef in Your Own Home grundoon
UW36 Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton Rory C. Berger
UW37 French Laundry Cookbook Josh Friedland
UW38 A Persian Pantry Clotilde Dusoulier
UW39 one swingin’ cocktail kit anonymous
UW40 Chronicle Books Collection Maggie Y
UW41 Unique Eggbeater T-Shirt Chris
UW42 a signed copy of Tartine Paul - cookiesetc
UW43 $200 Aziza Voucher kallen
UW44 Shuna Lydon Cooking Classes FJK
UW45 Cradle of Flavor Woland
UW46 Cradle of Flavor fantasty
UW47 Famous Street Food of Penang Woland
UW48 Hangar One Vodka Distillation Jeanne Feldkamp
UW49 A basket of goodies from Soif paul (pting)
UW50 BIN 8945 Wine Bar and Bistro dinner foo
WB01 Dinner with Eric Asimov sowalsky
WB02 Vinography: Sommelier for a Night Jennifer J
WB03 Wine & Cheese of Sonoma County Ty & By
WB04 Russian River Pinot Noir Pack Redmen91
WB05 10 Wines from Wark Communications ok
WB06 Northwest by Northwest EJ
WB07 Your Health and Wine WLC
WB08 Personal Wine Blog Feed jlefevere
WB09 Your Sommelier for a Night VickiA
WB10 Bon Vivant Wine Guide Katie Glick
WB11 Cult Sake and a Sake Bar Tour talia
WB12 The Food and Wine Pairing Bible Theda E.
WB13 Cal-Mid Wine Gift Pack ok
WB14 the Oxford Companion to Wine Steve & Marilee
WB15 Custom Washington Wine Tour Itinerary Jerry
WB16 Two Ultimate Wine Reference Books david birenbaum
WB17 Taste the Hamptons Wine Basket sean (sptr)
WB18 Big Reds of Long Island Tim Elliott
WB19 Romantic Getaway for LI Wine Lovers Debbie
WB20 Taste Wines on Long Island sean (sptr)
WB21 Taste the North Fork of Long Island Jeffrey Meltzer
WB22 Tour of Long Island Wine Country sean (sptr)
WB23 Wine Label Poster from Wine Waves contrarian
WB24 Signed Vertical from Puriri Hills Winery madman
WB25 Rare Cima Collina Wine Package GBNGUYEN
WB26 a day in the vineyard at La Gramière EmmaB
WB27 2 Rare Bottles of Twisted Oak wine Tim Elliott
WB28 1-Year WineQ Memberships jlefevere
WB29 A Case of Joy sarahd
WB30 A Taste of Terroir Alan
WB31 a mixed case of great Austrian wine Erika Sutton


And now, les fine prints.

Instructions for the winners:

  1. Visit the blog which hosts the prize or prizes you've won (just click on the prize name) and let the blogger know that you're the lucky winner of his/her fabulous prize.
  2. Please be sure to use the same email address you gave us on your donation form. The email address will identify you -and not any other 'Liz'- as the real winner.
  3. You are responsible for contact the blogger and providing him/her with the shipping information so the prize could be mailed to you.
  4. Then sit back and wait, your prize should be mailed to you shortly.

Instructions for the donating bloggers:

  1. For bloggers hosting prizes with the code prefixes AP, CA, EU, and UC, please contact Brett at In Praise of Sardines to verify the email address of the winner of each of your prize.
  2. For bloggers hosting prizes with the code prefixes UE, UW and WB, please contact Fatemeh at Gastronomie SF to verify the email address of the winner of each of your prize.
  3. Please ship your prize(s) to the winner(s) promptly.

Got a problem or question? Please contact the following Menu for Hope Prize Managers:


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