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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bits and bites and yet another fav find

Bits of me are scattering around the web these days. Here's a quick list should you be interested. Or just look away if you don't want to see me patting myself in the back.

Adam, that Amateur Gourmet Adam, was over here and share a dinner with me that he went ga-ga over –the dinner, not me. He's got pictures even.

Golist2007 I contributed –for the second year running- to the Go List in Food & Wine magazine that's on the stand now. Go get a copy of the May issue of the magazine, or if check it out online here.

PiminoliveOver in London, Olive magazine asked me to give a bit of advice to their Smart Dining Tips from the Experts –and by experts they meant people like Giles Coren and Jay Rayner who were also on the list, not little me, I'm sure. It's not online but a screenshot is here.

Down way under in Australia, Chez Pim got a mention with a spattering of other blogs like Noodlepie and Man That Cooks in Men's Style Magazine. The article is not online either –what's up with that- but Helen of Grab Your Fork was kind enough to flickr-ed it so I could see. Thanks!

Chez Pim was also recommended in Madame Figaro in February -with Clotilde, Pascale and a bunch of other bloggers. There was also a 50 best food websites list in the Independent (over in London) that Chez Pim was included in, unfortunately it's not Moopockets online so I can't link to it. And another interview in Restaurant Magazine, which ran last month I think. I haven't seen it either. When they get around to sending me a copy I might post it in case you are curious.

And now on to the fav find, inedible but delightful just the same. I found these irresistible little Moo pockets, made just for your Moo cards. If you have Moo cards, you simple cannot live without one of these. If you haven't got Moo cards, well that's your own damn fault, isn't it?


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