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Monday, May 14, 2007

What's in my fridge?

What's in my fridge?

Sam asked the question, what's in your unedited fridge? A bunch of bloggers played, even my friend David in Paris. I envy the Bordier butter in his fridge. Good butter is so hard to find this side of the pond.

What's in my fridge then? Well, evidently far too many bottles of wine, three of which are opened. Not sure what that says about us really. There's a bit of Wlliam Fevre Chablis Montmains (1er cru) still in the bottle, left over from when I made the noodle with crab meat and green garlic the other night. A bit more left in the bottle is Eric Texier's wine, a Côte Rôtie St.Véran from '03. It's not showing so well, to tell the truth. We opened the half bottle of Meursault ('02 Jobard) that's been hanging around in the fridge for a while. We left just a tiny bit in the bottle that I put back in the fridge -ostensibly- to deglace a pan or something later. As though I don't look enough like an alcoholic, I should tell you there are four bottles of champagne in there as well. None opened, happily. Two Paul Bara, one of which is, of course, a rosé. A bottle of your average everyday Mumm, and a Crémant something or another. There's also a bottle of Brachetto -not entirely sure how or why it's there.

In the none-booze department, the jams -confitures, preserves, pick a term you like- are representing well in my fridge. Two jars of Christine Ferber, one with the last spoonful or two of Quetches d'Alsace and about a half jar of Pêche de Vigne. One jar of June Taylor's Candied Seville Peel in Syrup, a perfect match for the Strauss Yogurt you see on the top right corner of the picture here. There's a jar of Asian Pear Chutney from Frog Hollow, of the fabled peach farm fame. Did you know they make chutney and jams as well? This Asian Pear Chutney is perfect for goat cheese, like the Acapella in Ash that I picked up from Soyoung's stall at the Ferry Plaza market yesterday.

Admittedly, I love the coca cola of the juice world, Odwalla. I probably should be drinking an organic juice or something, but I just happen to like how Odwalla tastes! There's always a large container of it in my fridge. Also slightly embarrassing is salted Kerry Gold butter. It's industrially produced, but it's just about as good as commercial butters get in this country. I'll take Soyoung's butter any time I can get it, but meanwhile the Kerry Gold sustains my high-dose daily butter habit. Showing me in a bit better light is the milk I drink, Strauss Family Creamery's non-homogenized whole milk from Marin. It's the Platonic Ideal of milk, and what all the other brands of milk want to be when they grow up.

The yellow substance in the glass jug is mango 'Lassi'. I put quotation marks around that term just so no one could accuse me of violating the authentic principles of Lassi Making. I make it the way I like it, with whole milk yogurt, a bit of ice, a lot of mango, a bit of honey, and a good deal of salt. I love it.

Fridgedoor You can see a plathora of hot sauces on the fridge door: Rancho Gordo's, a Mexican sauce called Valentina, a New Orleans specialty brand Red Rooster. There's also a jar of Lee Kum Kee's Chiu Chow chilli sauce and a bottle of Oyster Sauce, both for stir-frying stuff. Also there are tamarind paste, French mustard, and a bottle of homemade chilli oil.

There are a few Japanese products, a bottle of Mirin, a special Shiro Shoyu -a rare white soy sauce- and Tonkatsu sauce. I think there's a tub of white Miso hidden out of sight somewhere too. Oh, yes, and a jar of anchovy from my last trip to Spain.

The crumpled yellow-ish paper in the top left drawer is Fra'mani Salametto. We almost always have one around to snack on. You can't see the Toulouse sausage I got from Taylor at the Fatted Calf yesterday, but it's there as well.

I surprised myself when I saw how much green stuff I have in the fridge. I was up at the farm a few days ago and brought a few things home with me: two heads of cabbage, green and purple, a whole bunch of green garlic and young onion and a few sprigs of random herbs. There are also some sweet Brook cherries I bought from Hamada farm yesterday morning, and turnips from the Chu family farm.

As for the freezer, I really don't have much to show you. Some ice, four tubs of ice cream: Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche and Vanilla (two of them), and Strauss Family Creamery Coffee ice cream.

Don't pay any attention to the rotten banana in there, or to the take-out container containing what I haven't a clue. They are going directly into the bin.


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