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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Thief Who Invented The No-Knead Bread Recipe

Stolenbread I was about to quit harping on the Voncigars thief already, but then I came across yet more outrageousness on his blog. Your jaws will drop too, just read on.

Any foodie worth her fleur de sel knows that No-Knead Bread recipe Mark Bittman published in the NY Times last year. The original recipe came from Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery. It's the kind of revolutionary recipe that got everyone talking and baking, not to mention oohing and aahing over the results.

Well, the abominable Mr.Voncigars has got a post on his blog titled "Spectacular And Easy - The Perfect Home Baked Loaf Of Bread." His recipe looks a whole lot similar to that no-knead bread Mark Bittman made famous. Actually, it looks closer to Jeffrey Steingarten's adaptation of that recipe -specifying SAF yeast was the clue. True to form, the thief made no mention of Lahey, Bittman, or Steingarten -nor did he mention some innocent blogger whose series of pictures he proudly displays on that post. (Recognize that gorgeous loaf of bread? I took the photo from the thief's post. Is it yours or do you know whose it is?)

This is what he had to say about the recipe..

If you are into food - good food that is - well than you must love bread. Bread is the smallest common denominator amongst gourmets and gourmands around the world. I have not met a person that is into food, that does not appreciate a good piece of crusty bread. And some of us have tried to get that perfect loaf of Poilane bread out of our ovens and have failed miserably, just to learn that one cannot bake real good bread at home! What if I told you that there is the most simple recipe/method to bake the nearly perfect loaf of bread right there in your kitchen. Only four ingredients and less than 5 minutes of real work! And the result is better, than what most professional bakers around you can produce!
Yes! A fantastic and easy recipe! All you do is mix some instant yeast, bread flour, salt and ......

Unbelievable. Un-effing-believable.

If you haven't done so, go check out his archives and see if he's stolen from you too. He is deleting and editing things furiously now. Two posts that he blatantly stole -pictures and all- from Aun at Chubby Hubby have already been taken down from his blog. Luckily Google doesn't forget so easily. Oh, and here's the Google cache of his bread post, in case the busy thief tries to cover his crime. (Just scroll down a bit.)


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