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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spot a trend: have you gone raw?

butter from 36 hrs. mature cream

It looks like we're pretty good at trend spotting, aren't we now? Last week I posted about our cow share and weekly supply of Nutmeg's raw milky goodness, and this week two major newspapers in the country published articles about raw milk.

The NYT asked, "should this milk be illegal?", and the Washington Post wondered if raw milk is udderly foolish.

And me? I'm on to my third pound of butter. Perhaps when I got to my tenth I'd have this figured out so I coould tell you all about it. Bordier, watch out, there's a new crémière in town. ;-)

Meanwhile, here is a whole other kind of raw. A tad, um, NSFW, if you asked me.


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