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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Next thing we know they'll have a blog too

Remember that superlative Asador called Etxebarri I wrote about last year? That amazing restaurant where the chef makes his own charcoal and grills everything, even oysters like the ones in the picture above - and they were grilled out of the shell! That little place has been enjoying very good press lately, the chef, Bittor Arguinzoniz, was voted best chef of Spain in 2006, the restaurant was featured in Men's Vogue, Bon Appetit, Food&Wine, and many other publications.

Well, I just found out - thanks to Chez Pim's commenter Karin - that they now have their own website. That's very cool. You should go check them out.

I took a great trip down memory lane going back to my original post on this restaurant, looking at the amazing parade of dishes coming out of that marvelous kitchen. I suddenly realized it's been far too long. I am overdue for another meal. Soon. I hope.


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