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Monday, October 01, 2007

Buy Adam's book!

Adamatjoe_2 You have heard of Adam's book by now, of course. That Amateur Gourmet Adam. Remember the nipples? Yes, those.

Yes, Adam's got a new book out, The Amateur Gourmet: how to chop, shop, and table hop like a pro. It's a fun little book that will make even the most jaded foodies wish that they could see the world with his fresh, eager eyes, then join him in a plate of pasta with the simplest tomato sauce and share his unabashed delight in good food.

Adam drops by Chez Pim today to conclude his virtual book tour, and brought not just his book but a slice of his very own coffee cake - ok, Martha's coffee cake, but he made it. He's also got a few reasons why you guys should go and buy his book.

Top Five Reasons Chez Pim Readers Should Buy My Book
by Adam Roberts, the The Amateur Gourmet

5. My brilliant recipe for asparagus, potato and cheese Pad Thai.

4. I've eaten at Manresa, and I used the correct fork for every dish (sorry about stabbing you with that pitchfork, Pim.)

3. While I'm not as well-travelled as Pim, I'm much better at "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

2. Remember that guy who plagiarized Pim's restaurant review? I plagiarized my whole book from him.

1. Miss Pim herself appears in the book on pgs. 139 and pg. 142. I hope I don't owe her royalties!

Final reason why you should buy Adam's book: He's a good friend of mine, and I adore him. And so I adore his book too. And I am helping him plug a few books - or better yet, a lot of them. Hey, nepotism makes the world go round!


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