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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

35K and just a few more days to go

Mfh4roundedsmallHave you got your raffle tickets to support Menu for Hope yet? We are now at $35K and just a little less than a week to go. Last year's total was $60K and with your help we can beat it!

We've got so many great prizes that are still waiting for more raffle tickets. Odds are still pretty good for a review dinner with Jay Rayner in London and also with Stephen Downes in Melbourne. What about a day stage with Nuno Mendes at Bacchus in London? Or what about tasting menu cooked by Stephen Harris at the Sportsman in Kent, plus, he'll take you on a tour of markets and farms that supply the restaurant.

Alder, our wine blog host, has got a list of prizes that also have pretty good odds at winning, most of which are newly added, like a whole case of twisted wines from Twisted Oak, or a half case of lovely Austrian wines, or perhaps a year subscription to two fantastic wine publications, The World of Fine Wine and The Fine Wine Review? Check out Vinography, our wine host for Menu for Hope for more.

Down under in Australia, Helen of Grab Your Fork, our Asia Pacific host posted updates on how her prizes are going, so check out your odds if you're over on that side of the world. There are a bunch of new fabulous prizes from Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia, which would be great if you're planning on heading out that way any time next year.


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