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Thursday, December 20, 2007

More pictures from Lesotho

Maleetoane Khali

Maleetoane Khali working in her field. She follows conservation farming techniques that help to preserve moisture in the soil, stop the soil from being eroded and produce bigger yields - all without need for tractors or oxen, which very few people have access to.

She is a 52-year-old farmer in the village of Tebellong-Ha-Abisae near Qachaís Nek in Lesotho. She has a husband and 8 children. Beore she started conservation farming, it was very hard to live. There was real hunger up here in Tebellong. The harvests were very small and people were starving. Her family was so hungry. They had to borrow from neighbours. Her children did not go to school because they were too hungry.

But the situation is completely different now. Since she started conservation farming, they have had ok harvests because the soil is much better now and keeps moisture for much longer. This year they had a good harvest even though there was a drought. She sold some maize to WFP and used the money to pay her childrenís school fees and also to buy some important household items like soap.

Nofezele Memane

Nofezele is 35 years old and livew with her three children in the village of Thalangbacha in a valley near the town of Qachaís Nek in Lesotho.

They are very poor because her husband left her with nothing - no money, no fields, no animals. They used to borrow food from her parents and get help from neighbours but she does not like doing that. Also everyone in the area is poor and hungry after bad drought.

But now they receive food from WFP. This food has made such a difference to their lives. They eat pap (cornmeal porridge) and beans every day and her 11-year-old son does not go to school hungry any more.


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