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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a simple Mexican breakfast


We had this for breakfast a couple of mornings in Baja. It's so simple, taking only a few minutes to prepare, provided you have leftover beans from dinner the night before.

It's really so simple I could hardly call it a recipe. We just cooked some Mexican chorizo until it's nice and brown and some fat rendered out. You can pour some of the fat out if you want, but you needn't bother. We cracked some eggs and gave them a quick beating, then added to the pan with the chorizo and scrambled the whole thing very quickly, until the eggs just set but still moist and gooey. You might want to add a little salt, though you really should be careful as chorizo can be quite salty on its own.

Meanwhile, the bean pot leftover from last night's dinner - Rio Zape beans from Rancho Gordo- was already warming on the stove. We also grabbed some corn tortilla we picked up from a tortilleria in Todos Santos, and started warming them on a griddle.

When everything was ready, we each took a warm tortilla, a spoonful of beans and a big scoop of the delicious egg and chorizo concoction and dove right in. That's a simple breakfast which was also substantial enough to sustain the hours we planned to spend lounging on the beach before we would be inspired to move again, this time in search of lunch.


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