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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Une Soupe Stalingrad, s'il vous plait

Rattasoup_2 RATP, the Paris transit agency, is running a soup contest in honor of the launch of Ratatouille DVD. They are asking people to submit a soup recipe a soup recipe inspired by one of the names of the Paris metro stops. According to the website the prize is some sort of special night on the town at one of the Michelin multi-star restaurants. If that sounds interesting to you, go and enter a recipe to try your luck.

My friend Max was way ahead of you guys though. He's got a bunch of recipes ready to enter. He's agreed to let me share some with you here. Some of these are quite good for a diet too.

Soupe Pasteur

1 lt whey

Heat to 74°C for 15 seconds.

Soupe Stalingrad

1 tsp water

Spill on pavement
Serve in place

Soupe Glacière

1 lt water

Freeze into cubes
Serve in bowl

Soupe Pierre et Marie Curie

Miso broth
Cubed tofu

Heat and combine
Serve in a public place to a Russian dissident

Soupe Robespierre

Place empty bowl before guest
Use imagination

Soupe Châtelet

300 ml milk
1 cat

Soupe Créteil — L'Échat

300ml really good beer (not lager)
1 cat

Soupe Riquet

300ml cod liver oil

Do not serve.

Soupe Exelmans

3 raw eggs, lightly whisked
jar mayonnaise

Soupe Jussieu


Do not season.


Now you have a go at this!


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