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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Bull's Reggae Kitchen, the best darn cooking show online

JohnbullThis is it, the best darn cooking show online. Ladies and gentlemen, meet John Bull and his Reggae Kitchen.

I'm entirely serious. I've seen a lot of cooking shows on the web and let me tell you nobody got my attention like this guy did. Hardly anyone on TV does anymore either. I found him earlier today, and just watched his entire line up. He's great!

Watch him fry dough in lard with Paula Deen's abandon, but he did her one better by breaking into a little impromptu reggae tune even gave us a little dance..

Flo-wah dompleeng maan, itsa poor man's bread in Ja-may-ka

Adorable! He's even got an Emeril moment in there--well, Emeril before the annoying BAM! took him over entirely--telling the audience to add just a leetle beet of cari pow-dah in da saltfish while dumping it on without missing a beat, like Emeril winking at the audience with his, just a little cah-yeane.

From what I gathered he's got a Jamaican restaurant in Stockholm. Go figure. He has a bunch of shows up on Dayrobber.com, a Swedish Web TV site, I embeded one video here, but you should go watch them all!

P.S. I just read this post I realized I didn't say enough about the food. It looked great! You can really tell that he's really a cook and he just loves what he does. It's also fun watching him fumbling around in his well-worn and well-loved kitchen, pulling a pan from the bottom of a big pile and somehow not toppling the whole thing over!


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