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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watch Iron Chef this week!


Of course you want to! I'm one of the judges! Next to me on the panel was Jeffrey Steingarten! I've had a (food writer) crush on Jeffrey Steingarten since I was a geeky grad student in San Diego!! Can I use any more exclamation marks on this one post!?! Evidently!!!

It's Iron Chef Morimoto vs. Tyson Cole. This Sunday night at 10PM.

I can't possibly say one more word about this because I might let the secret out!

Oh, wait, actually I am kind of good at not letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. When I went to New York to film two episodes(!) of Iron Chef last summer, I literally tripped over the giant portrait of the Next Iron Chef winner, and that was September, before the first episode of the show even aired. I never let on that I knew who won it, did I? Did I?

P.S. The picture above was shamelessly swiped from Louisa's blog. Thanks dahling.


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