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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more New Orleans love: Casamento's


A very happy cutie pie waiting for oysters at the counter at Casamento's, one of New Orlean's legendary eateries.  Everybody goes there for the fresh raw oysters.  David and his best friend Josh are known to practically move into the restaurant for the afternoon, downing dozens and dozens of New Orleans oysters between them with nothing much more than a drop of Tabasco on each one, oh, of course, and a lot of beer. 

As for me, I dream of Casamento's when I'm not in New Orleans, but not about the raw oysters.  I dream of their Oyster Loaf.   I dream of this...


This is Casamento's take on the classic Oyster Po'boy.  Here they use thick-cut white sandwich bread instead of the usual baguette.  And here they fry their oysters in lard.  Lard, ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, lard, as in pure, fantastic, porky fatness.  Anything fried in lard is good.  Fresh, sweet, succulent New Orleans oysters fried in lard are just mind-bendingly awesome. 


Staying on the subject of fried things, the fried little crab claws are pretty darn good as well.  They were cute as can be, but we didn't leave them around very long.


I'm also in love with their oyster stew, a simple soup made with milk, some onion, the freshest oysters, and a bit of herb.  I'm sorry Boston readers, but this just takes New England clam chowder to a whole other level.

Boy oh boy, I'm glad I don't live in New Orleans or I'd probably be the size of a tank!


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