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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pebble Beach Food & Wine, mystery chefs edition

I got home from Pebble Beach yesterday.  It was a fun weekend full of fun and food, not to mention all the wines and the gossips.  I might need a few days to recover before I can even post about them!

Meanwhile, here's a few mystery chefs for you guys to guess. 


Who is this mystery chef who came out of retirement to cook here?  He doesn't run a kitchen anymore but still uses his culinary artistry to make fabulous olive oil.


And who's this putting herbs on huge scallops?


This is a well-known chef in his own rights, who didn't even have a course that night but was found eagerly folding up his sleeves and helping everybody on the line.  A chef sans ego.  C'est rare. ;-) Do you know who he is?


Of course that's Thomas Keller.  I'm not letting you off that easy.  Who's that in the picture with him?


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