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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top Chef preview....or, how to blog without blogging

Let's see how many blog post I can do this week without really writing at all.  Well, the magical elves (redundant?) at Top Chef headquarter have been sending me these sneak previews each week, so I guess I'd just put one up for them.

What's my take on Top Chef thus far?

Dale: A pretty good cook who could possibly win but for Hung having taken the only Asian-Dude-Winner spot already last year.

Richard: What's with the faux hawk?  Seriously.

Spike: What's with them lesbian-hatin' words?  I'm sure a lot of it is from editing but still..

Nikki: She should've been off long ago.  Seriously, how did she make it this long?

Andrew: Andrew who? 

Stephanie: She's this year's Top Chef.  Mark my words.

The antipodean dude: Self taught, eh?  Hit the books again, mate.

Lisa: Seriously would you please wash your hair like once before the season is over (or before you're kicked out)?


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