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Monday, May 05, 2008

Linky Monday

Good things I've found around the interweb lately.

The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized
Inside the raw milk underground, in last month's Harper's

A Man of Taste
An engrossing profile of Grant Achatz of Alinea by D.T. Max in the New Yorker (What else?)  And, while on the subject of Grant and Alinea...

Alinea Mosaic
You must first buy the book to get access to this neat website.  You plan on buying the book all along, yes?

...and not on the interweb, our one and only Clotilde is in the Bay Area today, and will be reading from her new book "Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris" down the street from me in Santa Cruz tomorrow night at Book Shop Santa Cruz.  You plan on going there all along, yes?

Oh, right, and, a propos of nothing, Scarlett Johansson is engaged.  Sorry boys, looks like you've been too slow on this one.


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