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Friday, May 23, 2008

pretty in Pink's


You guys are great!  I was at Pink's in LA--that legendary Pink's, with that legendary line.  David was cooking at the 5x5 dinner at Providence, and I found myself with an afternoon to kill before dinner.  Somehow Pink's came up and we--my friend Liz, David's brother Eric, and I--found ourselves standing in that epic line at Pink's waiting for our turn at the counter.

Waiting half an hour for a hot dog was certainly a new experience for me.  I'm not sure if the food alone was worth it, the chili dog I had was just so-so, far too bean-y for my taste.  Liz had the Chicago dog, which she seemed to like.  Eric, the model of self restraint, decided to wait for dinner and not have anything!  The best things at the meal was the crisp onion rings and the Bubble Up soda which has real sugar and not that dodgy corn syrup.  Though I must admit the onion rings were so dark I wondered when the last time the cooking oil was changed..  Well, they were delicious just the same, and the whole experience was undeniably fun!

I'm not sure if I'd ever be up for it again, but this was so much fun, and it didn't interfere with my dinner two hours later at all.  Didn't I tell you I had the metabolism of a hummingbird?


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