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Monday, June 02, 2008

Backstage pass to the Lexus Rare Wine dinner at Pebble Beach Food and Wine

Remember the fun weekend at Pebble Beach Food and Wine a couple months ago?  I told you we shot some videos of the event, and here's the very first installation.  It's a backstage pass to the very exclusive Lexus Rare Wine Dinner.  I was undercover in the kitchen spying on the chefs cooking before and during the fabulous event, and now you can come with me!

Brought to you by yours truly and our good friends at Foodbuzz (Are you buzzing yet?) and the irrepressible Mr. Joey Altman.  (Joey will be in the other two videos with me, check back tomorrow.)

P.S. Let me warn you first, this was quite the epitome of conspicuous consumption--a sort of SATC for foodies, you could say.  It's called the Lexus dinner, not the Prius dinner, you get the point.  If you think this just might possibly offend your sensible sensibility, don't click on the video.  Seriously, just mozy on over to another blog--makes for less heartburn for the both of us.


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