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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

capturing moving images vs. shooting still photos (still at the Lexus dinner)


It's hardly new news to anyone that telling a story via moving images and still ones are two different things.  But it took doing it, and comparing the shots that were taken in the video camera and the still photos I took myself, for that old news to really hit me.  While I think I've gotten a bit good at telling stories through photographs, and at getting the right shots at the right moments, my instincts on the video stuff left quite a bit to be desired.  I'm not sure how my friend Joey Altman managed to string together a pretty coherent and compelling story from the meager set of video clips I gave him.  Not that he hadn't tried to teach me a few good video reporting skills before I let me alone with our wonderful cameraman Eric, but in the heat of the moment in the kitchen I sort of forgot them all, and ended up just winging it.  Goodness I didn't even put on lipstick I was that tense.  Ha.

Oh well, I guess I'll take solace in knowing that I once sucked at taking still photos too, so who knows, I might get better yet at this.  I'm certainly determined to play more with videos for the blog anyway.


So, for those of you who are interested in a bit more details about the dinner and more action photos (with captions) from the kitchen, here they are..


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