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Monday, June 16, 2008

It was at Kossar's


Some of you were right on, that sign was from the front window of Kossar's Bialys, that venerable institution in the Lower East Side of NYC.  You see why it's the sign of the apocalypse?  If an institution like Kossar's gave in to the fad....  The bialys was still toothsome and tasty as ever.  But still, I wonder what the "low carb" bagels were made of.  I also wonder why people who want low-carb bagels don't just eat a little less of the real stuff...

Happily, not far from there, Katz's Deli is still its old fashioned self.  Read the note on the 3 Meat Platter.


We split a hotdog and the glorious pastrami on rye sandwich--apocalypse fend off for another day..





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