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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lend a hand to a friend in need: paging all food bloggers

Figswithbri_2 Our food blogging community has been quick to band together for a good cause.  This time, the cause is a bit closer to home: one of our own needs help. 

Briana Brownlow of Figs with Bri has breast cancer.  She's undergoing intensive chemotherapy and she needs our help.  There's a fund set up to help relieve some of her healthcare cost.  If you have some money to spare this month, even just a little bit, please help.  The donation site is here, if you have a Paypal account the whole thing will take only seconds.

Apparently there's also a photograph contest or something as part of this fundraising, though I'm a little sketchy on the details.  It's one o'clock where I am so you'll have to forgive me.  You can check out the details on this post here.  (via Kalyn's Kitchen)


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