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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did someone say Nutella?


Someone did, didn't they.  Well, here you go, Nutella Pop Tarts.  I made them a little smaller so they won't take so long to cook and risk drying out the Nutella.  So I took some leftover dough from the pop tarts with quince and mandarinquat jam I made this morning, rolled it out into a very thin sheet, and cut about three-inch rounds out of it.  I filled the dough, folded it in half, and crimped the edges like I would a normal pop tart.  The results?  It's Nutella, need I say more?  They were super yum, but in the end I found that the ration between crust and Nutella was a little off.  So, instead of filling one half and folding it into a half moon, I used two rounds of dough with a bit dollop of Nutella in the middle--not having to fold them in half meant I could load it more with the good stuff, namely the Nutella. 

Now these were perfect!  How much would people pay for one of these, I wonder? 



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