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Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to throw a pizza party


How to throw a pizza party.

one backyard with an outdoor pizza oven, wood burning, of course
one gorgeous Indian summer evening,


one studious little princess (complete with a gold crown),
six very hungry almost-grown-ups (one quite gifted at pizza throwing),



some very local ingredients (figs from the backyard, tomatoes from our garden, even a homemade wine),
some others not so local (Proscuitto di Parma, Mozzerella di other-side-of-the-hills),
free flowing wines (Rieslings to begin, Burgundies to follow, this and that for entremets, a green fairy to end--no not that green fairy, the other green fairy, Chartreuse de Tarragona),


Still hungry after the pizza?  How about some fresh tomato tart in a wonderfully crumbly crust made with grated parmesan cheese, butter, and just enough flour to hold it all together.


Then a lovely piece of fish roasted in the lingering heat of the pizza oven, paired with some of Joe's delicate haricots verts dressed in a simple shallot vinaigrette.


With a party like this, of course things got even more fun after dark.  A buttery plum tart, a green fairy in a bottle, a blue fairy in a gold crown, smiley, silly faces, oddly drifting--yet fully engaging--conversation spanning subjects from cognition in the wild, emotional film editing, biodynamic wine making, and a fairly fairy tale to end it all.

That's how you throw a pizza party.


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