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Monday, October 13, 2008

my Martha moment


Have you had a Martha Moment?  I had one just yesterday, in the happy chaos and maddening madness of throwing a party.  A great big pig roast, in our case. 

What's a Martha Moment, you asked?  Well, it's when a great party idea strikes you seemingly out of nowhere--a great, simple, elegant idea that's just so evident you wonder why no one else had thought of it before.  (Someone probably did--and quite likely Martha herself even--but they just didn't bother telling you about it.)


I was deciding what to do with all the dishes people brought to accompany our roast pig.  We had a long, long shelf along the side of the hoop house in which we set up the (also long, long) dining table.  We lined it with thick brown butcher paper, to hide the not-so-pretty construction of planks and cement blocks.  There were so many delicious-looking dishes, I found myself wondering what they were and who made them. That's when my Martha Moment struck.  In I ran to the house, and out I came with three markers in hand. 


When each friend put down their plates, boxes, or cute little bags, we asked them to take a pen and write down their name and what they brought, right on the brown paper. 

That's a brilliantly simple idea.  Everyone knew what they're getting and even who made it so they could give the compliment to the right cook.   Not to mention it made for a very cute and elegant food table.  Martha would be proud.

How about you, have you got one?  Will you share?  (Drop a link in the comment if you've blogged yours.)


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