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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sailing off to the sunset


No, not really.  Not quite yet, at least.  But if you are wondering where I've been, this picture should give you an idea.

This year, David gave me the most fabulously fabulous birthday present, ever, an 8-day sailing class package for the two of us to take together!  So that's where I've been in the past few days, busy learning how to tack and jibe and tie a lot of knots.  Not to mention figuring out how to cook on slightly dodgy, if fascinating, boat stove.  Yes, we're living on a boat as well--not the one in the picture but a larger one docked nearby!  My blog might be a bit slow for a few more days. 

For a more up to the moment stuff, you can follow me on Twitter and Plodt.  Or, you can just check on the middle column here on Chez Pim where I will be posting regular pictorial updates via my trusty--if also slightly dodgy--iPhone camera.


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