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Monday, December 22, 2008

Kicking the second week into gear, Menu for Hope is now over $20K!

Mfh5smallThe second week of our Menu for Hope V has begun, and we're doing marvelously well - all things considered - at over US$ 20K.  At this very moment I am writing this post we are at $20,465.00, to be precise.  We have quite a way to go before catching up with what we did last year at $90K, so please don't quit yet.  If you've already given and tried your luck at a few prizes, perhaps you can tell a few friends and see if they had a tenner to spare for us and the children and farmers in Lesotho?

Something of a tradition now for us, going into the second week, is our customary pimping out - as our friend David Lebovitz elegantly put it - of prizes that are great and deserving of a little more lurve.  David himself pointed up - or pimped up, to stay with our metaphor - quite a few himself.

Of course, as the grande poobah of this campaign, I must first say I love all the prizes evenly (thanks food blogging and food-wine loving friends for offering these amazing prizes!).  But as a greedy fool who wishes she could play in the raffle herself, I guess I could point out a few that I would love love love to win...

Our West Coast host Matt of Matt Bites offers a food styling workshop (UW01), and I want want want to be there.  I mean, have you seen Matt's blog?  Don't you wish your blog is half as pretty as his?  I sure do, so, how can you not want to learn all his secrets?  And once you learnt all that stuff you will be wanting these lighting set (UW10) for your next food shot. 

Satisfying your sweet tooth is easy with Menu for Hope, just get this ice cream maker(UW05), or this $100 gift cert. for the King Arthur catalog (UW04) or what about that big baker's delight package (UW18) from Amy?

Bizarre Foods is your favorite TV show, because Tony and his new daddy-ing ways are too soft for you now?  You and your new pal Andrew Zimmern will love the wild game charcuterie (UW36).  And you can eat them in style with a fancy new knife from New West Knifeworks (UE01).  Or what about the smoked Silver Mullet roe (UE10)? 

Carnivorous foodies can really have a field day on our Menu for Hope prize list.  Have you seen the offer for Bo Ssäm dinner package for eight at Momofuku Ssäm Bar (UE15)? Of course, the prize doesn't come with transport to Manhattan, you just got to flap your own wings and get over there so Tien and the Emperor Chang himself could feed you.  Carnivores with no wings to fly to New York can have Oliver Ranch fly their grassfed Ribeyes to their very own home (UW32)  Or how about Wagyu beef from Nebraska(UE40)?

Does any of these sound good to you?  I'm going to be posting more prize-pimping notes all throughout the day today.  So, if you still don't know what prize to bid for, check back later and see what else strikes your fancy!

If you can't wait, just go check out the entire list of prizes here (updated as of now), or check out prizes in your local region by going directly to the local hosts:

Europe *including* the UK
Sara of Ms.Adventures in Italy

US: West Coast
Matt Armendariz of Matt Bites

US: East Coast
Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen 

Meena Agarwal of Hooked on Heat

Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand
Ed Charles of Tomato

and, last but not least, our special Wine Blog Host
Alder of Vinography 

Or, if you're ready to give now, just go on to our donation site at FirstGiving.


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