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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rachel's Yogurt and Cottage Cheese, et moi


I have yet another exciting news. Yes, yes, I know I’m full of news this week. Besides the launch of my book in the UK this week (more on this and a giveaway tomorrow) plus the announcement that the US vesion is coming out on September 1st and to be followed pretty much immediately by the German (German!) version, I also have yet another fun project. I’m partnering with Rachel’s to help launch the new line of cottage cheese and yogurt.


My life as a foodie is all about having fun with food, about trying new things, and about expanding our foodie horizon. It’s also about eating food that’s good for us, and about making smart choices that respect the environment. That’s precisely what Rachel’s products are all about, and that’s why I’ve found such synergy in working with them. 

Rachel’s products are all natural and contains live yogurt cultures. They don’t use dairy producs with rBST growth hormone, nor is there anything you can’t spell or pronounce on the label. But the products are not just about being good for you, it’s also about having fun, trying new, exotic flavors, adding a little excitement to your day.  (Oh, and, speaking of a little extra frisson in your day, we have a little contest at the end of this post so be sure to read on - the winners get yogurt and my new book! So read on!)


What I love about Rachel’s yogurt are the fun flavors like Pomegranate Açai, Plum Honey Lavender, and Vanilla Chai. No, they don’t make strawberry yogurt. You’ve already got what, 30+ brands of strawberry yogurt on your grocery store’s shelves. And with a new line of cottage cheese that’s just launching, you’ll get even more unusual flavors like Pear Mangosteen, Lemon Verbena Berry, and even savory flavors like Cucumber Dill and Roasted Red Pepper. They are totally taking such a boring product like cottage cheese and making it fun and exciting enough for me to pick up at the grocery store. 


So, when Ketchum, the PR agency overseeing the campaign, came calling, it didn’t take me very long before I decided to join them. You want to know what this partnership entails? Well, putting on a very pretty dress and hosting a party to unveil new flavors of Rachel’s cottage cheeses was one. We had a great time a couple months ago at Tailor in New York, where the chef, Sam Mason, and the Mixologist, Eben Freeman, created a speacial menu and cocktails featuring the exotic flavors in Rachel’s yogurt and new cottage cheese products. Later on I will also be doing some TV, radio, as well as print interviews for Rachels, sort of as a brand cheerleader, helping to get people excited about trying new flavors and spices that are out of their everyday ordinary. 


It all sounds fine and dandy, yes? Then there is that pink elephant sitting here in the middle of Chez Pim’s dining room. You know what it is. I know what it is. Some of you are wondering what it does to my (or any other blogger’s) credibility to champion a particular brand or product. I say why not? Why shouldn’t we? Chefs and other food personalities do all the time. As a food blogger who has painstakingly built my credentials and credibility with my readers (that would be you) it would be foolish of me to squander all that by endorsing a brand I don’t believe in or a product I wouldn’t spend my own money on. 


So, if I see a brand that I can really believe in, or a project that I find exciting and rewarding enough, I don’t see why I shouldn’t participate. It must be obvious to my long time readers that I am incredibly selective about what I chose to write about and/or endorse. I don’t just take anything and everything anyone wants to throw my way. So when I choose to endorse a product, I’m quite proud to stand behind it. Then again, the day you see me endorsing Cheez Whiz is the day I’ll willingly hand over the key to Chez Pim.


Ok, now that we put all the important details out on the table, let's have a little fun, shall we?  Wouldn't you love to try some of Rachel's yogurt or cottage cheese?  Tell me what you love to do with these fun (and perhaps a little exotic) flavors in Rachel's products.  A little lemon verbena in your next roast chicken?  Some mangosteen in your poundcake?  Give us your bestest idea.  You can check out Rachel's website to find out about all the wickedly delicious ingredients they use.  Leave a comment here with your best idea, and tomorrow I'll randomly pick 20 winners who will receive 10 coupons to try Rachel's products as a compliment from us (USA only this time, sorry.)  Also, the luckiest winner among the 20 already lucky winners will get the grand prize, a copy of my book, personally and lavishly autographed to her or him.  Sounds good?  Great.  


(Contest is closed and we've got winners.  The announcement are just below in the comment section.  If you're winner you should've also got an email from me.  Please email me your mailing address so we can send the prizes to you.)


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