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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

via Pim, live from Japan


For the next few days I'll be blogging live from Japan, Tokyo to be precise, on my new micro blog via Pim.  Why another blog, you asked, well, because I know the quality you - that would be you my readers - have come to expect here chez moi.  You expect the pictures to be good, and the posts to be interesting, informative, and useful.  But I've also been missing a little bit of that so-called old school blogging - that unscripted, off-the-cuff, live and raw quality of it.  I found myself tweeting a lot lately, probably because of that same kind of immediacy I've missed.  I've been tweeting bits and bites from the road and even from home, posting odd pictures from my iPhone, often unedited and of a quality perhaps a bit too dubious for Chez Pim.  But it's fun and it keeps up the connection with my blog readers and twitter followers even when I'm not blogging as often as I should.

Then, Typepad started a new free service (disclosure: no I'm not being paid to write this) Typepad Micro, which allows everyone to have a mini-blog that can be linked to Twitter and Facebook and any other social media services you use.  I'm blogging from my iPhone, and at the same time updating my Facebook and Twitter updates  How cool is that!  So, go check out via Pim, where I'm now blogging live from Japan! 

Get it, Chez Pim is chez moi, and via Pim is on the road, get it?  Geez I'm so cute it hurts ;-)

You can keep up on the world's most expensive melons - which I didn't buy - or hear me waxing poetic from a sushi restaurant during the meal, or how I ate all four of the cow's stomachs in one meal!  I'm off now to yet another dinner, this time at the famous Koju in Ginza.  Want to know if I liked it?  Give me an hour and go check via Pim.


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