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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Menu for Hope 6 final total ($78,818!) and minor housekeeping

MFH6logo Just a quickie note here to let you know that our Menu for Hope 6 now has a final total $78,818!  Nearly $80K - nothing to sneer at in a recession, huh?  That's a lot of farmers we'll be supporting and lots of hungry people we're going to be feeding via the good work of the WFP.

Derrick and I are doing the final tally and picking the raffle winners, but before we can finish we're doing a bit of housekeeping on the donation records and raffle picks.  If you see an email from us today, that means there's a problem with your raffle pick (nothing big, usually just invalid item codes), please reply asap so that we can correct the records and make sure all of your raffle choices are accounted for. 

We're still on for final raffle announcement on Monday January 18.  Check back here to see if your good karma pays off!


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